Pukekohe is the service centre for a productive market gardening region which produces many crops, but especially potatoes and onions, in its rich volcanic soils. Pukekohe is part of Franklin District which combines the diverse attractions of coast and country. The area has a long Maori and European history and witnessed the clashes of the 1860s land wars. The tiny Pukekohe East Presbyterian Church, built in 1862, still carries the bullet scars of an 1863 battle. Today things are rather more peaceful and many lifestyle blocks around Pukekohe offer an attractive alternative to city living.

Surrounded by a patchwork of market gardens, this thriving rural centre is on the calendar for many local and international motor-racing events. Pukekohe hosts a number of sporting events including horse-racing, hockey, tennis, rugby, golf, and BMX racing.

You can enjoy great shopping and varied dining in a relaxed country atmosphere with no parking hassles. The compact town centre comprises of family businesses and boutique shops offering a wide range of goods and services. A shopping trip is never complete without a visit to one of the many cafes for a midday brunch, a quick coffee, or a relaxed meal.

Pukekohe is the centre for a thriving arts community with regular exhibitions, festivals, and live theatres. Each Saturday morning colourful markets sell local produce. The visitors centre is located in central Pukekohe with all the information youll need to find out whats on in Pukekohe and the surrounding districts.
Pukekohe is also surrounded by conveniently located Motels…your hosts Melina and Sunita look forward to seeing you soon!